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Create Your Shift.  Move Into Your Dream.

• Personalized, custom movement and creative curation, for individual artists & entrepreneurs.

• Group & Corporate Workshops 



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Feel Fluid Grace


• Private 1:1 instruction.  


• Single sessions and weekly commitment packages available.  



Therapy Room




Reset Your Wellbeing

• A complete Body Reset. 

• Nurturing maintenance. 

• Fully clothed bodywork and classic oil massage. 

• 50, 60 & 90 minute sessions.





 Handcrafted Bespoke Designs

Yoga/Dance Pants.

Cirque Dolls

Unicorn Hobby Horses



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How To's


Digital Download Training.

How To Make Your Own Classic Ragdoll.



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This 24 page Guide spells out the somatic secrets to your creative success.  



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Pastel Swirl
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Therapy Room
Reiki Treatment


Movement Mentoring & Coaching


The unique gift that I bring to this work is my expert blend of experience in the arts + somatic wellness.  As a supportive educator and accountability partner, I'm here to help you achieve your highest vibrations.

My specialty is to foster your growth and alignment into feeling fluid grace- in both your personal life & business.


Whether you're a coach, looking to deepen your own embodiment expertise; an actor, preparing for your next role; a yoga teacher craving next level fluidity; or a fledgling entrepreneur seeking emotional support and practical guidance in developing your dreams-- this is for you.  


Through movement mentoring and coaching, I act as your personal ambassador.  With creative acumen and practical procedures, I safely help you MOVE towards (and into) your desired goals and feelings.  


I work 1:1, with a limited number of clients at a time.  Depending on your project, an individual assessment will be followed by developing a personalized plan. 

















The Art of Exercising & Beyond® 

Designed to create inner expansion and alignment, this graceful movement method will redirect your outside experience into a reflection of fluid grace and ease. 


Gyrotonic sessions are done on equipment, in person. Gyrokinesis is done either in person or remotely, via online personal portal live-stream.  


Gyrotonic sessions take place in a private retreat setting, at our boutique studio in Santa Barbara, CA.  Located behind the historic Mission and Natural History Museum. 


Santa Barbara location Gyrotonic sessions 1:1 only.  In-person worldwide private & group sessions available upon request.


While my primary client focus is Movement Mentoring & Coaching,  sometimes my schedule opens up for pure Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis training. 


As with any practice, the more frequently you do it, the faster and more profound your results will be.  

A la carte and series sessions available.  













GYROTONIC® Pre-Training Course (Requirement for Aspiring Trainers)


This certification course is for both aspiring Gyrotonic trainers and the committed student who wants to dive deeper.  


For trainers, this course is the first requirement, in a 4 step process, to achieve your final teacher certification.  


For deep dive students, this course sets your foundation to the gyrotonic method principles.  It will immeasurably enhance your personal practice and open doors to subtle body energetic systems. 


Pre-requisite: 10 individual 1:1 sessions.








Transformational Bodywork and Massage Therapy


Bodywork and massage therapy are foundational manual therapies for all wheels in somatic wellness and health. By bringing your physical body back to its natural harmonious baseline, your mind and spirit are integrally, positively affected. 

Sessions are often integrated into movement mentoring and coaching programs.  Occasionally, my schedule opens for single drop-in sessions.  

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