• Crisis Intervention Training  (California State Certified Course, 2018)

• Internationally Certified Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer (Teacher Trainer, 2010)

• Internationally Certified Gyrokinesis Instructor (2011)

• Certified Somatic Movement Therapy Educator (2006)

• Certified Doula (2004)

• Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist & Specialized Bodyworker (2001)

Yogi (Bhakti, Narada, Anusara strongly influenced)

Sites of Somatic/Embodiment Certifications: 

New York City

Santa Barbara, CA

Miami, Florida

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Big Island + Maui, HI

Black Forest, Germany

Bali, Indonesia


• Costume & Couture Designer

• Dancer

• Writer

• Performance Artist


• Los Angeles

• New York City

• Santa Barbara


Hi there!  I'm Celeste.  Thank you for being here.  Please pull up a chair, make yourself at home.

Welcome to my story . . . 



After growing up immersed in gifted studies of dance, yoga, and art, I went through a series of traumatic life events in my late teens and early adulthood.


Debilitating panic attacks and bouts of depression became a regular occurrence.  Interfering with work, school, and social events, all areas of my life were negatively affected. 


By the time I landed in the hospital from a near-fatal accident at age 22, things were out of control.  Weeks later, I was brutally assaulted.  The combined culminating events led to a reticent early withdraw from yet another college university.   That's when I finally knew something had to radically change.


THE SHIFT                                                                                                                                                                          

As I sat in a defeated ball on my dad's living room floor, I contemplated my options.  In a serious heart-to-soul conversation with myself, I inquired:

"What is the most tranquil, relaxing, lovely, supportive, amazing environment I can possibly imagine?" (Because that is where I wanted to go and be.)


The answer came, "Well, I really like getting massages." (I mean, come on now, who doesn't?!) But then it continued: "What about a WHOLE SCHOOL OF MASSAGE?"  


Thus, the catalyst for a completely drastic shift and (lasting) life change was born . . .  


Massage school was not only great because I learned how to give (and receive) massages.  It quite literally transformed my physiology.  And subsequently, entire life.


My anxiety and prescription pill bottle days came to an end.  The bodywork I received in class helped restore my body's baseline health to a calm, parasympathetic and naturally aligned state of wellness.  Without the use of any outside substances. Through this new alignment, I was able to successfully wean myself off all prescribed antidepressants, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds.  


The internal work was transformational.  Not only did my depression and anxiety go away, migraines that had plagued me my entire life, --(I'd been tested for brain tumors at six years old, they were so bad)-- also disappeared! 


In this new world of bodywork, I learned the word "somatic" for the first time.  It was 2001, I was 23 years old.  And hooked.  I wanted to learn everything I could. 


 "Esoteric" stuff (like yoga and acupuncture) had always resonated well with me, but this was truly transformational.  If this somatic stuff was sooo powerful for me, just think how powerful it could be for others, too.  I wanted to share the magic.  But I had only just scratched the surface.  I deep-dived for more. 


FURTHER STUDIES                                                                                                                                                           

In 2005, I moved to the Bay Area, to attend the Moving On Center: School of Participatory Arts & Somatic Research.  Under the tutelage of somatic practitioner pioneers Dr. Martha Hart Eddy, Peggy Hackney (and others), I was introduced to Bonnie Bainbridge's Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Hakomi (Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy), Feldenkrais, Laban Movement Analysis & Bartenieff Fundamentals.  


This was an entirely new world.  I pursued further studies in New York City at the Center for Kinesthetic Education and did intensive training at Earthdance in the Berkshires.  While in Minnesota for an ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association) conference, I took additional education courses in infant and early childhood neuromuscular repatterning.


GYROTONIC® Method- The Art of Exercise & Beyond®                                                                                       

Throughout my somatic pursuits, Gyrotonic had been a constant background buzzword.  While my initial experience with this system was in 2004, in 2011 I fully immersed in it and became an internationally certified trainer.  


I quickly up-leveled to become a pre-trainer (teacher trainer.)  Studying under only the most senior master trainers and with the founder/creator himself, Juliu Horvath,  my educational pursuits took me to Miami, San Francisco, Carmel, New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Hawaii, Germany, and Indonesia.  


In 2015, I became a regular guest teacher on the tropical island of Maui.  Soon thereafter, I found myself fielding requests to guest teach in San Diego, New Mexico, Manhattan, and Australia.  But tempting as these offers were, other interests were also afoot.



INTEGRATING ART                                                                                                                                                      

While the studies of somatic movement and wellness were my "professional" career pursuits, my forays in creating art continued to flourish on the sidelines.


While living in L.A, I was routinely stopped on the street by strangers, with purchase and commission requests.  They wanted to buy whatever self-designed clothing and accessories I happened to be wearing.   


When I missed performing (as a classically trained dancer), I jumped into the neo-burlesque scene (back in 2002.)  I toured in California and New York as a solo artist, plus gained recognition as both resident and guest go-go dancer, for local and out of state bands.  I even founded my own touring dance troupe. (Where we were once exclusively hired to perform on a boat, for a famous rockstar's pre-wedding-party celebration-- when my pastie may or may not have accidentally flown off; much to the delight of the yacht party's punk-rock fans.)


I was also repeatedly hired as a costume designer, for various dance companies and photographers.  In my spare time, I continued to write fairytale short stories and develop personal art projects.


Life without art just didn't exist. 

Wellness without somatics was no longer a  question. 

For me, they went hand in hand. 


As much as I enjoyed guest teaching in other Gyrotonic studios, I knew there was a limit to how many people I'd be able to reach at one time.  I yearned to have a bigger impact.  That's what has brought us here. 


In Summary, How Holistic Healing Helps YOU:                                                                                                       


My entire approach to the world and life is through a holistic, creative, wellness-based lens.  For artists and entrepreneurs, separating one from the other just doesn't make sense.  


While (thankfully!) the world is catching on that it's the embodiment of FEELINGS we desire, rather than Things, themselves-- Not everyone is properly equipped to teach and guide you there.  


I have respect for those who appreciate this integrated path.  I'm honored and grateful that my unique calling led me to fully immerse in these loves and lessons, so early on.  With nearly two decades of professional experience in the field of somatic wellness, (& sophisticated whimsy), it is my true calling to assist you in embodying the desires of your deepest dreams.  


What is it you desire? 


Allow me to support your most marvelous aspirations. 

As a personal movement mentor on your unique, unstoppable journey-- I'm here to help you dig deeper, overcome obstacles, & make those shifts to embody & illuminate your fullest potential. 

Yes, you can experience more creative joy, (in both your business & life,) while feeling Fluid Grace and Ease. 

Pssssst . . . WANT TO KNOW A SECRET?

I strongly believe in the healing power of nature and animals. 

They've been inspiringly instrumental to my life.

(And I bet anything, they could benefit yours, too.)

Here are FIVE FUN FACTS about Celeste: