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Wellness Coach

Somatic Embodiment (mind-body) Support

1:1 personalized sessions to help support mind-body-ease. 

Somatic Embodiment facilitates the integration of mindfulness, somatic movement & somatic psychotherapy practices. 

sessions are structured in a holistic health coaching format, providing a safe space container to:

 • co-regulate the nervous system 

• explore and shift old patterns,

 • discover how to maintain a felt sense of inner peace, while meeting the demands of external realities

• (re)-unite with your inner authenticity,

Credentialed & Certified with 20+ years of Professional Expertise


 The GYROTONIC® Method

As the first and only Gyrotonic Studio in The Valley, our beautiful boutique studio boasts rustic barn doors and a cathedral ceiling. 


Our light and airy space is fully equipped with a Cobra Pulley Tower, Archway, & Lifepro vibration plate. 

Back Massage

Deluxe Restorative Massage

We bring 20+ years of experience

to offer the BEST

in Bespoke Bodywork 

& Deluxe Restorative Massage. 

Sessions blend a strong Swedish base with  energetic subtleties of

 Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Polarity & Meridian work

+ the specifics of Myofascial & Deep Tissue modalities.

      Virtual & In-Person Options

Our boutique studio is nestled in the heart of quaint downtown Los Alamos, CA, 

with live sessions serving the greater Santa Ynez Valley and surrounding areas. 

Call or Text: (805) 453-5672 to schedule today!

(by appointment only)

Please note for allergy awareness: Two very sweet cats reside in our studio location. They may grace you with a friendly visit during your session, 

Valley Be Well is an LGBTQIA+ Safe Space

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